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A sincere global effort has ensued to catalogue and verify Asil Arabian horses throughout the world.  

Please take a moment to thank the founding contributors to this immensely important opportunity to preserve the Asil Arabian horse, worldwide.
Dr. Francesco Santoro.jpg

Dr. Francesco Santoro


Owner of La Frasera Stud, the result of more than thirty years of work and passion for our family.  Francesco, Serenella, and Raffaele have owned horses for more than forty years and run an Arab Stud Farm for more than thirty years.

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Foto Eugene Geyser Nabilah Egyptian Bloodstock South Africa_edited.jpg

Eugene Geyser

South Africa

I am the co-owner of the Nabilah stud together with Gisela UIjs who is located in Namibia. 

I am an attorney at law.  I have been breeding Arabian horses for 37 years.  


The Nabilah stud originated with the import of two mares and one stallions to South Africa from the Egyptian Agricultural Organisation (EAO) and the Skeik Obeyed stud during 1945, by the Uijs family.  The stud has been involved in conservation breeding since its inception, 76 years ago. It is the oldest stud in South Africa. 


The descendants of these noble horses of the desert live on in the mares and stallions that grace our stud.   The Nabilah horses reflect the original desert type in their general appearance, tail carriage, movement, and stamina.  Our goal is to conserve these original characteristics of these noble horses, especially their type, hardiness and stamina.

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Andrea Kaiser.jpeg

Andrea Kaiser


Sami Sulieman Al Nohait & Al Parks 1.jpg

Al Parks

United States of America

Co-Owner of Al Abasiyah Arabians

Import/Export and Airline Transport

Photo: Al Parks, left, Sami Sulieman Al Nohait, Director of the Arabian Horse Center, King Abdul Aziz Center, Dirab, Saudi Arabia, right.

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Midge Claiborne.jpg

Midge Claiborne

United States of America

Owner of Baraka Arabians

Breeders of top quality Asil Egyptian Arabians

Baraka has Exported horses to South Africa and Europe

IMG_4675  Annalisa Monticelli with the Halypa mares Sherazad, Sherifa Sabiya and Farah- (1

Annalisa Monticelli


 I was born in Altamura, a  famous city in the South East of Italy. My immense passion for everything related to the horses brought me to devote my life in studying the scientific welfare of horses. I started studying classical equestrian techniques and participated successfully in Endurance and Dressage competitions with horses trained by myself. Then I worked as Equestrian Instructor, specialized in working with horses with behavoural problems. My Breeding Farm is the only place, in Center-South Italy to focus on the welfare of the horse, ethically speaking. I follow the studies of the founders of the Italian School of Ethical Horsemanship, based in Tuscany, and for once, I can say it is an all-Italian pride.

The art, the symmetry, the musicality of movements, the lightness, had inevitably attracted me towards the beautiful horse par excellence : who can say that there is beauty more exciting than an Arabian?  So as avid student as I am I started to study deeply in the past of this magnificent horse, their pedigrees, their original breeders, the contribution of Occidentals to the international development of this horse. I worked as Journalist too, writing texts ( often provocative ones) about the historiography  (different from the history) of this horse.

I founded my breeding Farm in 1999, with a clear focus in my mind: the Dahman Shahwan strain. I imported my foundations horses from U.S:A. , Germany, Ireland, and my first stallion from Italy.

In my prime my passion for the Arabian horse was also expressed through art: I produced numerous works of painting in oil, tempera and charcoal which always had as their absolute protagonist, the Arabian Horse, in the most logical continuity artistic vein of the''orientalists'' of the late nineteenth century French.

Some of my paintings  are in the United States, Libya, Germany and France.

Domenico Tocchi pictured with grey Asil Arabian HA Hakimah

Domenico Tocchi


I was born in Rome and now live in South of Tuscany; I passed my time being a manager and politician.  I am specialized in zootechnical techniques, and my early passion for Arabian horses brings me to join the A.N.I.C.A. since its beginnings, contributing to writing the present statute of the Italian Association of Arabian Horse.

Since 1986, my wife Marta and me, founded the Hadhad Arabians, a breeding stud focused on Spanish bloodlines.  Five years later, the focus of my breeding farm changed preferring the Straight Egyptian horses, focalizing the projects around a single dam line: the Abeyyah Om Jurays.

Since my retirement, I was busy in research and writing about the history of Arabian horses.  My articles are present in the most famous International magazines specialized in Arabian horses.

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ayman_photo_v2 (1).jpg

Dr. Ayman Al Qattan


Proud owner of Al Asil Arabians and Silver Champion of the Egyptian Event (2017) in Kuwait, HAIZOOM AL ASIL.

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Catherine West

Catherine West

United States of America

Arabian Horse Breeder

President, The Arabian Coalition, LLC.

Asil Arabian Breeders' Alliance, Web and Graphic Design


Judi Parks

United States of America

Co-Owner of Al Abasiyah Arabians

Breeders of the rare Gamil El Khebir sire line through Anter

Founder of the Asil Arabian Breeders' Alliance

Senior Arabian Judge, Canada/ U.S.A. (retired)

Published Author, Amateur


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Lisa Fratt Craig_edited.jpg

Lisa Fratt Craig

United States of America

Owner of Royal Kismet Arabians

Breeders of the rare Tahawi line Asil, Egyptian Arabians

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Ariel Westberg

United States of America

Paola art 6.jpg

Allison Mehta

United States of America

Owner of Holly Farm


Dr. Sheryl Galt

Marika Leff

Rudolf Reichert


United States of America



Fabiene & Severine Vesco

Dr. Char Webb

United States of America

David Marshall

New Zealand

Owner of Talaria Arabians

Breeder of Asil Egyptian Arabians

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