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Definire l'Asil Arabian Horse

L'origine del deserto Asil Arabian Horse è un cavallo "purosangue" che, attraverso il pedigree generazionale, risale agli antichi cavalli del popolo arabo.


Perché un cavallo arabo sia da considerare Asil, il suo pedigree deve basarsi esclusivamente sull'allevamento beduino delle tribù beduine conosciute o storicamente riconosciute della penisola arabica o dei deserti del Medio Oriente.


Desert Origin Asayel (plurale per Asil) I cavalli arabi devono essere privi di qualsiasi incrocio con cavalli non arabi.  I cavalli arabi Asayel di origine del deserto sono di origine accettata nota e sono privi di impurità.

Preservation Resources & Services

 The Asil Arabian Breeders' Alliance has been working for years on educating the public, and continuing preservation breeding of Asil Arabian horses globally.  If you do not currently follow our Facebook Page, please join for opportunities to participate and learn.  These articles will also be shared on Facebook, but are shareable from the website as well.  If you have a story or article you find of interest for this page, please be sure to send us an email with it attached for review. This is a place for education and community with a global effort to unite, share information, and resources in the preservation efforts necessary at this time.

Use of the Database is free. The Desert Origin Asil Arabians Database is a collaborative effort of dedicated breeders and owners of of the Asil Arabian horse to execute a vision accommodating the current industry needs of breeders, owners, and most importantly, the Asil Arabian horse. The Database will require a login, and the login requires an e-mail and password credentials.  Please visit our Database Login Page to create your login credentials.  

This Registry has been created to help breeders preserve and perpetuate the Pureblood Asil Arabian horse.  The Asil Arabian, the “pureblood source blood” has been dwindling in numbers throughout the World.  Current Registries operate under the WAHO definition of a purebred Arabian horse, and this has allowed “known non-Arabian blood” to be registered as Purebred.  The situation throughout the organizational structure of the Arabian horse World has unfortunately been corrupted by money and politics, most noticeable in the Arabian horse showrings.  Fads have also played a role, so much so that the Purebred Arabian horse no longer looks like the Asil Pureblood Arabians that founded this breed.  Bureaucracy and politics have let to the exclusion of valuable bloodlines from registration, especially in the realm of the Asil Arabian horses.  The numbers of Asil Arabians are too few, and the need too great for stewards of this breed to allow desert origin horses to slip through the cracks of time, undocumented.

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